Our clients cover a wide spectrum of industries and come to InvoHealth seeking information services related to medicine, science, and public health.

• Attorneys • Non-Profit Organizations
• Biomedical Companies • Pharmaceutical Companies
• Biotechnology Companies • Physicians
• Clinics • Public Health Professionals
• Government Agencies • Research Scientists
• Hospitals • Start-Ups
• Law Firms • Universities

Each client is assigned a project manager, no matter how small the project. As a result, every client receives one-on-one service and a direct point of contact. Many of our clients have been with us for years and appreciate the fact that they can fire off a quick email or make an impromptu call to their project manager with a new request.

We accommodate Projects of all sizes. Some clients come to us with requests that take only a few minutes while others have long-term projects spanning months or even years.

We are upfront and specific about pricing. We stick to budgets. Invoicing is done after the completion of a project and we accept all major forms of payment.

For more information, please read about our Services or Contact Us directly.